The Memoirs

I Grew Up In Church, Whatever That Means

I grew up in church, whatever that means… I grew up going to church on hot Costa Rican Sunday mornings and sitting with my parents and my older sister on those hardwood pews. I grew up falling asleep towards the end of the sermon, because the preacher had gotten too excited and wouldn’t stop preaching […]

The difference between wanting to work and having to work

I grew up seeing people around me, regardless of their age, feeling completely disheartened about their jobs. Even though they loved their careers for some reason they made their jobs sound miserable; whether it was their boss, the company, the workload, co-workers or discrimination. Oddly enough they would still put up with it and keep […]

What I’ve Learned About Soulmates

I used to get asked a lot if I believed in soulmates, and in my early teenage years my answer was a a rushed, definite “YES” while dreaming of my high school crush. As I grew into my late teens, and college years my answer was more hesitant. Probably because I thought I had found […]

Is it being anxiety-driven or proactive?

I am by nature (or by family genes), a very worrisome person. I remember being in second or third grade, and being so stressed out about a handwritten essay we had been assigned on -birds-. When I should have been thinking about hide-and-seek, and been absolutely careless; I always had worries in my mind. I […]


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