Reasons Behind the Memoirs

Welcome to Memoirs of Claudia! I decided to take on a blog years ago, in college, as part of a class assignment. I love writing, more than an escape is a way for me to connect with people in a more personal level. Sometimes spoken languages is not as powerful as print, print carries more meaning. I decided to pick Memoirs back up, simply because I had something to said, I’m not quite sure if I had to said to anybody else than myself. But I figured that if I was feeling a certain way, that maybe, just maybe somewhere across the internet someone may be feeling the same way and needs to read my words. It’s hard for us as human beings, in a very finger-pointing society to just come out and tap someone on the shoulder and say “Hey, I am going through something similar, I get it. Let’s talk about it.” Maybe print carries that unspoken connection, that is unimaginably deeper than a real conversation. So this is where I will share my life adventures, the places that mean the most to me, the memories that hold my heart, the moments that break my heart in a million pieces or take my breathe away, what I’ve learned and how I’ve failed, and personal thoughts. A little bit of everything, in hopes that I get to look back at it some day, and know that I didn’t let that finger-pointing society stop me from telling my truth, and maybe my grand-kids, or a complete stranger while stumble across it and connect….And my purpose for Memoirs of Claudia will be done, that’s why they are my memoirs☺️