A Little Bit About Me

The name behind the memoirs is Claudia Scott and I’ve you’ve read a few entries you have probably gathered a few bits and pieces of who I am, but here is a short and sweet summary. I was born and raised in Costa Rica, a warm and joyful paradise. I grew up in what seems like now a perfect family, my dad was genuinely my best friend and my mom and I butt-headed often times, but she is the best person ever. I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when I was 7 years old and it is just another quirky side of me. I talk about it as often and openly as anything else in my life. I moved to Arkansas in 2013 after high school, thanks to a scholarship for deserving Central American students. I went to college in a small town in Central Arkansas, and I loved every single moment of that experience. I met my future husband on our first day of school, but we were really best friends for years without the thought of dating, until the end of 2015 when we started our relationship. We got married in 2018 in Costa Rica, we were so incredibly blessed to have the wedding of our dreams at the Zephyr Palace in Puntarenas. We live in Elkins now, where we are fur parents to two beautiful (special needs) cats. My husband Ricky, is a special education teacher in a small town about 30 minutes from home. I love and miss my family dearly, so we try to see them often (a couple times during the year, at least). Ricky and I love traveling, and we have come to realize that we love being travel buddies, whether is halfway across the world or just the next town over; we will make an adventure out of it. My advice is to always take the scenic route, it’ll take you longer, but it’ll always be worth it.

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