Still here…Same Claudia, New Last Name

I promised I’d blog….4 years ago! Then life got really dreamy, and then dreamier, and then tough, and tougher, and dreamy again, and then tough again, and so on.  I actually had no recollection “Memoirs of Claudia” existed still, until a few days ago…I thought about it don’t know how or why. Couldn’t remember what it was called, or if I could even access it again.

The idea of blogging is more attractive to me now, than it was then. I think now I would like to keep a record, a memoir of some sorts, of who I am in my mid 20s. My thoughts, my adventures, my struggles, my triumphs, my failures.

I guess the blog will have entries of the roles I play in my life now, today…A few years ago, I would have kept a handwritten diary, and I sort of like that idea better but eventually it’d get lost or ruined or tossed away. Upside about the internet is our memoirs will always be here….even 4 years later….even after the author forgets about them.

So…I’m still here. Same Claudia, New Last Name.

I feel like we struggle so much with comparing our paths to the paths of people our age. We think we are supposed to be living the some moment than so and so, emotionally, financially, romantically, physically…But we all have our own path, and maybe this will help me remember that, and maybe it’ll help someone else….

I am trying to be a “good wife”, whatever that means in 2020 to y’all, to my college sweetheart and best friend. A good daughter to the most amazing parents, hard thing is, they live over 5000 thousand miles away. A good Christian, whilst also trying to be open-minded and loving thy neighbor, which turns out it’s -everybody-. Also, sometimes neighbors suck, and you still have to be kind to them and live next to them for the rest of your life. A loyal and supportive friend, but understanding that I also have to take care of my own needs. And finally, I am trying to be a “business woman” that chases after her dreams while conquering all of the above. Although aware that perfection is impossible, still striving to do my best and grow in my journey everyday.

We all play different roles, and they are all worth just the same. Some do it all at the same time, some get overwhelmed, so they can only do one thing at a time, some do three things at a time, but they are all admirable. All of the friends I graduated college and/or high school with have taken different paths. Some are globetrotters in Europe and -darn- it looks awesome. Some are stay-at-home-moms, and lemme tell ya, that ain’t no easy job! Some choose to focus on their careers, and that marriage and kids wasn’t their thing. Some realized after graduated with honors from a big shot school that’s not what they wanted to do, so they are doing it now. Some thought they found love 5 years ago, but it wasn’t love; some are just now finding true love. Common ground from all of those stories, they are all valid paths and roles. With their sacrifices and their wins, struggles and triumphs. Unless, we all start to understand that we all grow and walk a different journey from each other, we will not be able to fully help each other succeed.

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